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Divorce papers

Divorce Process in Pakistan for male.

The divorce process in Pakistan is very simple and easy but people make it and feel very difficult.so I will describe it a few easy steps that you can understand.

Process for male

Islam and Pakistani law give rights to a husband that he can divorce her wife without any case he will have to complete his documents of talaq and send them one by one to the Administrator  (Union Council) and supply copies of the notices to the wife too as described in section 7 Muslim family law ordinance 1961.

after completeness of 90 days, the divorce will be mature and you can get your divorce certificate which is conclusive proof of divorce.


many people do not complete the process and just call the divorce or just send it by post to the wife and think that the process is complete. I want to clear to the people that the divorce procedure does not complete like this you will suffer if you do not complete your process.


  1. if you do not complete your divorce as described in the Muslim family law ordinance. section 7 MFLO described the punishment 1 year and fine 5 thousand rupees.
  2. your record will not be maintained in the register
  3. without the certificate you cant next marriage
  4. If you do next marriage without the certificate, It would be illegal and your 1st wife and as well as 2nd wife sue in court for cheating.

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DivorceDivorce papers

Divorce Lawyer in Pakistan

Divorce Lawyer

Divorce lawyer, our legal team is the best team in courts on divorce matters.you can file a divorce through a competent divorce lawyer.

Question; who can file a divorce

Ans: any lady who is not satisfied from husband and wants khulla can apply in family court for a divorce. the divorce process in court not long but short.

any lady if she does not want to live with the husband even have not a solid reason to get at divorce but if she does not want to live with her husband. no court can force her to live without her wishes.

Grounds for Divorce

  1. Beating
  2. not pay pocket money and maintenance
  3. gambling
  4. Addiction
  5. Hatred as much that can’t live as Allah and his prophet Peace be upon him said


Documents needed

just nikah nama and copy of id card needed and if documents do not avail then three passport size pics and an affidavit on behalf of nikah nama.

Khulla is the right of the lady if she cants spend her life with the husband as the path told by Allah and his Prophet and her husband’s attitude is rude and she has hatred against him, she can apply in court for a divorce.

Time period

The time period for divorce almost one month to two months and if the case is contested can go for a few months.

Divorce certificate of Nadra

after the decree of the court can apply for the divorce certificate of Nadra in the union council.if you are having problems applying in Union council or union council not cooperating with you, you can use our services.

nadra divorce certificate

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Divorce papers

Online Marriage Procedure In Pakistan

online marriage procedure in Pakistan

Dear Readers, Many  Pakistani People live in foreign countries Like UAE, Canada, USA, UK, Saudia, and many other countries and some in Pakistan. They often need to marry with their fiancee

in Pakistan,Canada or in any country. We provide Online court marriage services around the world.


                First of all, call us our numbers +923244010279 WhatsApp available +923454375944  and discuss ur matter with our Lawyers and set a day and time.

after deciding day and time we with our team on conference call Nikah khawan will recite Nikah and all conditions of Nikah will be filled on Nikah nama form. Haq mahar Muajal and Ghair Muajal also will be decided and will be filled on nikah nama form . after completion  of  Nikah all Witnesses and nikah khawan will signature on Nikah nama and after this nikah nama  all four copies will be sent to the parties which were not present in Nikah by Tcs for signature and thumb impression .

After completion Nadra Computerized marriage certificate will be provided, and also do help in witnesses if you dont have,we will also help to in other Documents needed

Documents Needed

  1.  The bride should be at least 18 years and bridegroom should be 18 years .proof of age is first documents
  2. Death certificate of the husband for the widow
  3. certificate of divorce for divorced Lady
  4. copy of Id cards or B form
  5. 4 witnesses needed from both side (ask about it if you don’t have)

for more detail call us 03244010279   .whatsapp

you can comments under this post if you dont want to call, every question will be reply as soon

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Divorce papers

Nadra Divorce certificate

Nadra Divorce certificate

Nadra Divorce certificate.

Nadra divorce certificate is a legal document which you need. so if you don’t have nadra certificate. and you live abroad or even in Pakistan and can not make or having problems to make. our law firm will help you to make the document of Nadra divorce certificate.
Procedure to get the certificate

  •   we will make your file
  •  attach your documents.
  • you will have to the signature on it (it can be possible by courier if you live abroad)
  •  complete all legal formality
  • after completion

We will hand over to you. and if you live abroad or far away so we will send it to you by courier.

divorce certificate

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Court Marriage ka Procedure in Pakistan

Divorce papers

Court Marriage Procedure in Pakistan

Court Marriage Procedure in Pakistan

Dosto humare logon main buhat se log court marriage ke bare main na jante hoe buhat si mushkalat ka shikar ho jatain  hain . main ne aise buht se cases handle kiye hain jin main larki ki razamandi ke sath couple ghar se bhagtey hain . magar qanoon se nawaqfiat hone ki wajah se  wo court marriage nahin kr patey jiss ka nateeja yeh niklta hai keh larki ke ghar wale larkey pr Ighwa ka parcha karwa daity hain or larka or us ke ghar waley mufat main buhat pershani ka samna kartey hain . oor hum logon ne aise bhi buhat se waqiat bhi sune hon ge ke larki  agar kisi dosre mard ko pasand karti hai tu wo us se shadi karne ke liye apne pehle khawand ko ashna ke sath mil kar qatal kar deti hai . jo ke qanoon se nawaqfiat ki waja se hai . Pakistan main larki azad hai . us ko koi zabardasti apni biwi nahi bana sakta agar larki apne khawand se talaq chahti hai tu wo just khula ka dawa dair kar de .Talaq through court after case in court . app ka khawand app ko zabardasti sath rehne pr majboor nahi kr sakta chahe app us ke pass phirti rahain or koi court bhi larki ki marzi ke baghair us ko us ke khawand ke sath nahi bhaij sakti . jab qanoon ap ka saath de raha hai tu phir qatal or lari jhgra kion agar app log nahi reh sakte tu legal tareeke se elehda hu sakte hain . yahn tak ke talaq lene ke liye app ko apne kisi ghar wale ya apne man bap ki ijazat ki bhi zaroorat nahi .

Documents needed for Court marriage

    • larki ka ghair shadi shuda hona .
    • larki ka talaq yafta hona
    • larki ka bewa hona

Agar larki shadi shuda hai tu us ko pehle court se talaq leni pere gi other wise wo shadi nahi kar sakti

    talaq yafta larki ke liye talaq ka certificate .or bewa ke liye husband ka death certificate zaroori hai
    Agar larki ka Id card na ho tu  us ki pics se bhi kam challya  ja sakta hai
Marriage certificate use in court marriage and in all marriage
Nikah nama form
computerized nikah nama


  •  sab se pehle couple ka nika hota hai Shari tareeke se court main nikah khawan ki sahoolat majood hoti hai . yeh nikah Lawyer ke chamber main hota hai or wahan per hi baqi zaroori karwai ki jati hai
  • us ke baad istaghasa likha jaata hai un logon ke khalaf jo ke larki ke rishtadar hotey hain or un ka khatra hota hai keh wo mushkalat peda karain gai
  • us ke bad larki ka bian  Adalat main hota hai
  • after procedure complete aik copy  mutalqa police station main bheji jati hai
  • Christian Couples
  • christian couples can also do court marriage same way .yani christian couples ke liye sahoolat majood hai faraq sirf itna hai ke un ka nikah Pastor ( Padri) parhai ga . jiss ka intizam hum kr ke dain ge .
  • Witnesses or Gawah
  • Shadi ke liye do2 Gawahon ki zaroorat hoti hai agar app arrange nahi kar sakte tu hum yeh service bhi app ko provide karain ge

  •  Online , Phone or Internet per Nikah
  • Phone or Internet per Nikah ki sahoolat majood hai .jiss ke liye app ko humare saath time fix karna ho ga jiss ke baad Nikah khawan Dulha or Dulhan conference call or internet per nikah ho ga , jiss ke baad Nikah nama ki copies app ke addresses per bhaij de jain gi
  •  Court marriage ki Fee

  • Dear Friends many people thinks that if you hire a cheap lawyer their services will not be better and there is a risk . I only clear all the people of Pakistan that there are not as many expenses. we are providing these services and that is a reasonable fee and we go through hundreds of cases and all over PAKISTAN people came to us and no one has any complaint against us if have any plz write in comments. we never disclose their secrets  kisi bhi pershani ki soorat main mazeed mufat mashware ke liye call karain or humare Lawyers ko case batain
  • 164 Statement
  • Dear Reader kai bar Court marriage k baad chonke couples ghar se bhag kr marriage karte hain or larki k Ghar walon ki poori koshish hoti hai k iss marriage ko ighwa ka mamla banya jaye or larke per ighwa ka parcha karwaya jaye .nikah nama ki copy or larki k bian jab un ko mil jate hain  or mutalqa police station main bhi send kr diye jate hain tu phir FIR nahi honi chahiye kionke yeh documents aik waziah saboot hota hai k larki apni marzi se gai hai or apni marzi se shadi ki hai .magar kuch police wale raqam le kar yeh jante hoe bhi FIR darj kr dete hain .lehaza us FIR ko kharij karwane k liye 164 byan buhat zaroori hota hai . yeh byan after FIR hi ho sakta hai kai log chahte hain k un ka byan 164 FIR se pehle hi karwa dain magar yeh nahi ho sakta . kionk Byan ya statement of 164 k liye FIR ki copy sath lagani parti hai .iss main kai technicalities hain jo k app call pr discuss kr sakte hain . yeh kisi bhi Magistrate k pass karwaya ja sakta hai zaroori nahi k mutalqa magistrate hi kare
  • English
  • Many people not understand Urdu and they need to explain in english .so we are briefly describing in english
  • We have a law firm to help people of Pakistan .we provide to people what are their legal rights and how they can get their rights .we have a blog on Blogger ” Qanuni Amdad Urdu” which can easily find on google search.
  • Now we come towards court Marriage certificate . which is most asking question that what is procedure and what documents required and what are the expenses
  • Documents
  • There is no documents required if  couple is unmarried and age is more than 16 or 17
  • For married girl certificate of divorce or talaq nama or decree of court needed
  • For Widow death certificate of husband
  • For married guy need same documents to prove him divorced .
  • Procedure
  • First of all you will have to call and set a date .
  • and after this we will get your information and will prepare your documents
  • On arrival first your Nikah will be take place by Nikah registrar and your marriage registration will take place and marriage certificate will be prepare and after this we will go in court to statement of Bride and to get order of court
  • After this your complete documents will be handover to you
  • 1 marriage certificate original (computerized will be available on  rupees extra charges)
  • 2 Copy of petition file in court with signature and stamp of court
  • 3 Copy of statement of Bride with court duly stumped
  • 4 Order of Court duly signature and stamped by concern Court
  • Fee of Court Marriage certificate
  • as we are a NGO and we provide free legal help to people so our expenses are too low but we provide same service as you paid full fee .
  • 1 Fee of Nikah registrar
  • 2 Fee of documents
  • 3 Court fee
  •  we provide witness of Nikah also if you dont have
  • for more information feel free to call us (00923244010279 What’s App ) 00923454375944
  • Thank you
  • Harassment petition 

After Court marriage Often the family of bride harass to couple . so if the couple feel they need

          or they feel inscure then we recommend them to go for harssment petition under sec 22A 22B.

Before Additional Session Judge .

Mufat Qanooni Mashwara jaat ke liye call karain

0092-3244010279 What’s up


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