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Divorce Lawyer

Divorce lawyer, our legal team is the best team in courts on divorce can file a divorce through a competent divorce lawyer.

Question; who can file a divorce

Ans: any lady who is not satisfied from husband and wants khulla can apply in family court for a divorce. the divorce process in court not long but short.

any lady if she does not want to live with the husband even have not a solid reason to get at divorce but if she does not want to live with her husband. no court can force her to live without her wishes.

Grounds for Divorce

  1. Beating
  2. not pay pocket money and maintenance
  3. gambling
  4. Addiction
  5. Hatred as much that can’t live as Allah and his prophet Peace be upon him said


Documents needed

just nikah nama and copy of id card needed and if documents do not avail then three passport size pics and an affidavit on behalf of nikah nama.

Khulla is the right of the lady if she cants spend her life with the husband as the path told by Allah and his Prophet and her husband’s attitude is rude and she has hatred against him, she can apply in court for a divorce.

Time period

The time period for divorce almost one month to two months and if the case is contested can go for a few months.

Divorce certificate of Nadra

after the decree of the court can apply for the divorce certificate of Nadra in the union council.if you are having problems applying in Union council or union council not cooperating with you, you can use our services.

nadra divorce certificate

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