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The divorce process in Pakistan is very simple and easy but people make it and feel very I will describe it a few easy steps that you can understand.

Process for male

Islam and Pakistani law give rights to a husband that he can divorce her wife without any case he will have to complete his documents of talaq and send them one by one to the Administrator  (Union Council) and supply copies of the notices to the wife too as described in section 7 Muslim family law ordinance 1961.

after completeness of 90 days, the divorce will be mature and you can get your divorce certificate which is conclusive proof of divorce.


many people do not complete the process and just call the divorce or just send it by post to the wife and think that the process is complete. I want to clear to the people that the divorce procedure does not complete like this you will suffer if you do not complete your process.


  1. if you do not complete your divorce as described in the Muslim family law ordinance. section 7 MFLO described the punishment 1 year and fine 5 thousand rupees.
  2. your record will not be maintained in the register
  3. without the certificate you cant next marriage
  4. If you do next marriage without the certificate, It would be illegal and your 1st wife and as well as 2nd wife sue in court for cheating.

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